Choose Your Story

Master storyteller Miss Sue will keep you entertained with her stories.  
Tell me & I will forget.
Show me & I might remember.
Involve me & I will understand.
Make it funny and I will enjoy learning!

Our Magical Earth - Your preschoolers and younger school-agers will learn & sing original songs as we look at our solar system, why ourearth is different
from other planets, how trees are important, the circle of life of plants, insects & animals, where our litter goes, & why we need to respect every part of our environment. Instead of just watching a puppet show, your children will come up onstage to work the realistic nature puppets. "Involve me & I will understand!" Alternative themes are also available, such as "Creepy Crawling Critters," The Mysteries of Winter," and "God's Magical Earth.

Every Day Is Earth Day - This original environmental program is our most popular presentation for elementary schools and family events. It teaches us how we all affect our world, featuring Larry Litterbug, Connie Convenience, Patty Apathy, and many more silly characters. Watching friends wear the silliest masks you've ever seen, you will enjoy an extremely hilarious but educational performance. "Make it funny & I will enjoy learning!"

Do You Want To Build a Frozen Snowman?
- Where does snow come from? Let's learn about our water cycle, how snowflakes, like people, are all different, and how a very special character's positive attitude helped him to enjoy every day. We make our own unique snowpeople right in the classroom, with lots of photo opportunities as everyone participates!

Snow White Meets Seven Special People - These special people are challenged in various ways, and we ALL are special individuals. The story features a diversity and tolerance theme, & we can alter the title to "Faces Across America," or "Faces Around the World" for your specific curriculum.

Red Riding Hood Packs A Healthy Lunch - Learn how exercise and the “Food Groups” can help keep everyone healthy, using our version of Red Riding Hood visiting her sick Granny. Wonderful fun even for the littlest ones! Good Stranger vs. Bad Stanger theme is also addressed.

Goldie Locks With An Attitude - Goldie is tired & angry, so she ignores the rules and doesn't take safety seriously. The popular HALT Principle (Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired) is featured.

The Three Pigs and The Big Bad Bully MusicalThis sing-along comedy helps us to talk about why bullies do what they do & what we can do about them. Our ending includes safety tips to reinforce emergency safety, with a Family Flier provided to encourage parents to practice safety rules at home. Halloween safety can be added in October.

Sick With the Flu, Achoo! Achoo! - Preschoolers learn how germs travel & how to prevent catching illnesses. 

The Wizard of Ahhhs - This program helps to reduce the fears of younger children for doctors, nurses, dentists, & hospitals with our unique puppets that the children work throughout our story. Then we all learn to do the "Soapy Pokey!"

The First Thanksgiving Story - The Pilgrims and the Native Americans had no stores to buy what they needed. What do we have to be thankful for -- every day?

December Holidays for Everyone

Holiday Spirits- The Three Spirits of all holidays teach Scrooge about giving, sharing and enjoying life all year round. It's not just for Christmas anymore!

Holidays From the HeartThis joyous seasonal program is enjoyed by the youngest of our children and their parents, reinforcing that holidays don’t come from the store.

Two’s Time We don't want to leave anyone out, but the older preschoolers like to experience their program designed for their age level, without the added distraction of the younger children. So we have designed a separate 20-minute set for the two year-olds, FREE with a standard booking! A "noisy" puppet bag can be brought into the toddlers' room for songs & puppet playtime; or a magnetic board with fun pieces can help each young child to practice following directions and using their fine motor skills.