Activity Consultant

You can choose from our variety of performers... for schools, birthday parties at home or at school, corporate events, fairs, etc.
Comedy shows - Laughter abounds as your kids come up on stage to become the silly characters of these silly stories. Some programs are educational, some are just for fun, but they are all entertaining for all ages.

Circus Acts - Anybody can put on makeup and silly clothes and advertise themselves as a clown, but our performers trained with the best, performed with the best, and really know how to work with kids of all ages.

Musicians - Our programs of interactive music teach your kids songs from around the world, the concept of family, and how to write their own songs!

Magicians - Kids get to come up on stage & help perform the magic acts! Then they learn how to do their own magic!

Storytellers - Watch your kids rolling on the floor with laughter as stories hold their attention for longer than you would ever imagine possible. Folk tales, original tales, funny puppets & silly props will have you laughing, too! 

Environmental Educators - All ages will be enthralled as they participate in these hands-on programs that help us to learn more about our planet.