Environmental Theme

School programs and family events

All ages learn about our environment & enjoy with belly laughs a uniquely interactive program under many possible titles -- "Every Day Is Earth Day," "Recycling Begins With R & Why," "Peter Polluter and His Planet,"
or any other name that fits with your theme. 

Using an elaborate array of humorous masks on audience volunteers, Sue tells the tale of Peter Polluter and his friends, busily dirtying up our earth. Watch how Larry Litterbug, Connie Convenience, Mimi Gimme and Patty Apathy affect their planet everyday. Should they use paper or plastic grocery bags? Where does their trash go when they throw it “away?” And those recycling numbers – what’s THAT all about? 

This 45 to 60 minute presentation is entertaining and educational for all ages, from school-agers to senior citizens, and it addresses many elementary and middle school state requirements. 

A softer version is also available for preschool children ages three through five, concentrating on the impact of litter on wildlife.

In the days of the Dinosaurs our earth was still clean & strong,
with no litter.

Hermione Hoppy goes after the apple that somebody threw out their car window when she almost gets crushed! How about using a trash bag in that car? Trash, including food, can be dangerous to nature & living things.

Peter Polluter drives his car back & forth running errands. Let's hope he's at least driving a hybrid!

The Sky & Sue are discussing plastics as we learn about the dangers of plastic 6-pack holders. We know that birds, fish & mammals get stuck in these, & cutting them isn't necessarily the best answer.  See our program to learn what we should do with these pesky items!

A Cloud, Peter Polluter, Patty Apathy and Miss Sue

Peter Polluter Jr. leaves the lights & the TV on! He doesn't realize that it adds to our pollution.

Mr. Paul Lu Shun is quite terrible looking, right? This guy is a reminder of how ugly pollution really is for our entire planet.

Adults get in on the fun with our environmental-themed programs!
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