Make A Difference Ideas

  • Use products that can be reused many times. Paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates and other trash never really go “away,” because they pollute our land, water and air.
  • Recycle clean paper and cardboard to reduce trash and the cutting down of trees. When you are finished with mail & other paper, use the back of it, and THEN recycle it! 
  • If you must buy a product, purchase those with less packaging to reduce trash.
  • Buy cleaning products that are non-toxic and quickly biodegradable. Contact me for suggestions. You can even set up a fundraiser for your school or church.
  • Reduce junk mail by contacting Data & Marketing Association, Inc., 1615 L Street, Washington, DC 20036; or 212-768-7277, ext. 1888; or 
Recycle plastics properly. Remember their Recycling A-B-C’s: 

A   Remember the Numbers.  Plastic containers that are rigid, such as bottles, jugs, crates, and tubs, specifically #1, #2, #4, & #5 are acceptable in DE. A few incorrect plastic containers (& plastic bags!) can result in an entire load of plastic being rejected. So when in doubt, leave it out!

B  Trash the Cap.  Caps are a different type of plastic and can’t be recycled. Remove!

C  Wash and Squash.  Only clean containers can be recycled, & flattening allows more to fit into each truck, so less gasoline is burned & less pollution is created.