You've got a budget....How much does
GLEE MANIA charge?

We have programs to fit all budgets, even rather small preschools.  GLEE MANIA has a multitude of stories -- some are designed to be less costly to present, so we can pass along that savings to tight-budgeted groups. Call us at 703-624-0659 & give us as much information as you are able to customize your event. 
GLEE MANIA also accepts credit card payments when processing fees are added

Our Activity Consultant Fees

Most artists just want to perform, so they hire talent agencies to find them clients and handle the paperwork. Most agencies pay huge overhead expenses (that's why it's called "Show Business"), so they must add a rather large percentage onto the performers' fees, sometimes an additional 50-100%! This can make it rather costly for you to hire a performer.

As a performer specializing in school programs for the past 25 years, we already have an established database, so we don't have large marketing expenses. Our performers simply pay us a flat fee for handling the administrative portion, so you're only paying for the performance.

Each of our performer's fees are based on
location of performance
size & ages of audience
day of the week and time of day
type of program and length of program
performer's requirements