Holiday Programs

GLEE MANIA has created programs for many Holidays.
Halloween Safety

We can add a general safety theme to a variety of our stories, which reinforces their previous class lessons on fire safety, stranger safety, & emergency procedures, by acting them out. "Involve me & I will understand."

Our Trick-or-Treating safety tips are popular in October, including suggestions for costumes. We recommend no masks, no capes, no props. We explain no eating of candy without permission, no running across neighbors' yards, & no approaching dark houses.

The First Thanksgiving Story

How did the Native Americans live off the land? What was life like for Indian children with no television, no phones, no cars?   

Who were the Pilgrims, & why did they sail across the ocean? 

What do we have to be thankful for -- every day?

And why is this hat NOT what the Pilgrims wore? Find out during our reenactment of the First Thanksgiving!

December Holidays
 for everyone:

Holidays From the Heart - Why was The Grinch so grumpy? This joyous seasonal program is enjoyed by the youngest of our children and their parents. Watch how The Grinch learns that holidays don’t come from the store. 

Holiday Spirits - The story of Scrooge as The Three Spirits of ALL our winter holidays teach him about giving, sharing and enjoying life all year round. OUR story is not just for Christmas anymore!