More Eco Programs

or preschoolers and younger elementary students

"Our Magical Earth" is a musically interactive puppet show for the younger students, with the children becoming the planet's characters, using very realistic nature puppets or wearing silly costumes. Show length is adaptable, but even younger groups remain attentive for 45 minutes & longer!

"Splish Splash" explores our water cycle while also addressing our litter problems.

"How Things Grow" is an interactive presentation concentrating on our various pollinators, bushes vs trees, vines vs underground plants, fruits vs vegetables, etc. 

“Recycling Begins With R & Why” is our presentation that concentrates on the reasons for recycling, with various ideas of what we can recycle or reuse instead of tossing. 

"Reusing Our Rubbish" is a hands-on science workshop that targets what happens to our trash, after which we create realistically usable items out of everyday trash. This project is appropriate for young elementary students. 

“Creepy Crawling Critters” teaches respect for our smallest of creatures, & demonstrates how nature works together.

“God’s Magical Earth” is our non-secular version of Our Magical Earth.