More Performers

Your Musical Activity Leader gets the kids jumping & dancing.
They will hear familiar songs, folk tunes, novelty numbers, and award-winning original songs, played on the guitar, harmonica, kazoo, whistle, drums, symbols, cowbell and more, while singing – all at one time!
Kids in the DC Metro area can learn about music and instruments, music from around the world, and even songwriting.


Enjoy a slapstick comedy circus act!

Action-packed juggling, plate spinning, magic and more. Highly interactive, using physical comedy.
Underlying educational team also available, in the DC Metro area.

A Hi-Jinx Stage Show
He will amaze and amuse with close-up magic, astounding juggling, and incredible balloon creations.
Rip-roaring fun for all ages! In the DC Metro area.


Live sea animals to see up close, and maybe touch!
Live sea animals, such as conch, sea stars, crab, toad fish, flounder, are brought to your location, so you may learn things you never knew before!

INTERACTIVE PUPPET SHOW- with the kids working the puppets!

Your kids become the puppeteers!

This performance is an interactive musical program, emphasizing the importance of being healthy and staying healthy.  Its message to preschoolers and young elementary students is that there are methods we can use to handle our fears about going to the doctor's office, the dentist, the eye doctor, or the hospital. We should go see them even when we feel just fine, so that we can continue feeling just fine. 

A musician who creates interactive performances!
A professional musician with award-winning CDs, Brooksie Wells has a gazillion songs in her head, most of them original, and her guitar knows them all, too!  She will have the audience on their feet, doin’ the motions, singing in multiple languages, and enjoying silly songs.  Kids can join in and play some instruments, too.  Nobody will be sitting still!

He brings the audience up onstage!

He wears a tux, but he’s not a flashy, over-bearing magician.  The children feel very comfortable with Lawrence, and many come up on stage to help him perform his magic acts.  Elementary-aged students can learn how to do their own magic with Lawrence's Magical Workshops!  Educational themes can be added, too.
Lawrence is currently only available for evening & weekend programs & parties in the DC Metro area.


With her composting worms & other environmental programs
Let's learn about how our earth really works! Jeanette tells her humorous, interactive story from her book, “My Roommates Are A Bunch of Worms,” as a slide show presentation, teaching us why worms are an important part of our planet.  This program is appropriate for young elementary-aged students.  Hands-on workshops will create a worm bin, to be fed food scraps, which will produce fertile soil for the garden.  Purchasing the worm bin and book will provide your school with an interactive learning tool for years to come! 
Jeanette also produces a similar-in-style but more advanced programs, such as learning about watersheds, based on another one of her books, for elementary students to teach them how everyone of us affects our own watershed.

Design your own!

Sing N' Sign brings music and American Sign Language together for a delightful interactive performance. Newly relocated to Delaware's Eastern Shores.
Sign Language Programs and Workshops are the way of the future, which can be learned today.  Our infants & toddlers have difficulty communicating until they are able to learn your language.  But we can learn a new language along with them, long before they can speak, so that their needs can be better understood. 
And adults & older children can enjoy the ability to communicate with others in a new, exciting & dramatic form.  We just need the training. Luckily, we have found some wonderful trainers!